Board of Directors Meeting, Agenda

15:28 27/01/2014 in Corporate Formalities


This review list is provided to inform you about this document and assist you in its preparation.  Board meetings can be very fruitful events, especially in small to medium companies that lack the breadth of larger companies in senior management.  These members can bring you a great deal of helpful advice, contacts, suggestions, and strategies.

Serious people want advanced agendas.  To the extent you can provide advance data to your members, you will get better results.  You need to do this in the good times so in the bad ones you can lean on them for their advice, counsel, and financial support. 

  1. Sign the letters personally.  Inscribe a personal note.  Provide directions to the restaurant or other location of the dinner.  Include product, service, or other information with the letter to peak their interest and demonstrate your concern for them personally.
  2. Keep a copy for your minute book.  Also, bring the Agenda to the meeting and work off of it.  Include the Agenda letter in the corporate minutes as part of the meeting, by referencing it in the meeting itself.

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